14 Ways to Enjoy Autumn

Fall is here, with its crisp days and longer nights. There are so many beautiful ways to enjoy this time of year. We thought we’d put together a list of some of the many things we love to do in autumn. Pick a few to try or create your own traditions. Have fun!

  1. Go apple picking. While you’re there, enjoy some fresh apple cider and maybe an old-fashioned donut or two. When you get home, slice up some apples for a pie and polish some to leave in a bowl in the kitchen.
  2. Create a feast. Put together a great variety of beautiful flavors and foods and share a meal with some friends. And remember to make the pumpkin pie!
  3. Play in the leaves. Grab the rake, make a big pile, and jump into the freshly-fallen leaves. By the way, you have a leaf in your hair.
  4. Pull out your favorite old sweaters. Cuddle up in one in the yard on a chilly day with a cup of hot cocoa to warm your hands.
  5. Take a hike. Bring your camera so you can snap some pictures of the fall foliage. Take your dog along or borrow one from a friend.
  6. Reap the harvest. Take all your wonderful bounty from the garden and prepare it for winter’s storage. Make sure to put your gardens to bed too. If you don’t have a garden, stop at the local farmer’s market and stock up your freezer.
  7. Fall nesting. Go with the urge to tidy and de-clutter your living space. Once everything’s all sparkly and clean, light some candles and relax in your lovely home.
  8. No bugs! Revel in the ability to spend time outside on a sunny fall day without the company of those pesky biting insects.
  9. Play or watch live football or soccer. It’s the time of year to enjoy tossing or kicking the ball around with friends. Go long!
  10. Go to a county fair. Check out the animals and displays, grab some fresh produce, ride some rides, and go easy on the fried dough and candied apples.
  11. Carve pumpkins. Draw your own designs or find a kit. Be sure to actually light your pumpkins – tea lights work great for this. Enjoy the spooky atmosphere you’ve created.
  12. Attend a Halloween costume party. Plan and assemble a unique homemade costume – thrift stores are great places to find unusual clothes and accessories.
  13. Sit around the fire. Pull up a camp chair or log and warm yourself up while enjoying the dancing flames. Look up and observe the moon and all the stars.
  14. Get together with the family. Spend time gathered together in thankfulness and gratitude. Tell your loved ones some of the reasons why you care for them so much.