The Heart of the Goddess


The Heart of the GoddessOur modern way of life isn’t sustainable – environmental devastation, systemic racism and sexism, endless war, consumer culture, divisive politics, self-hatred, and needless suffering. We are witnessing the death throes of the broken patriarchal system.

It’s time to transform.

Right now, a grand new awakening is taking place. We are embarking on an epic journey to a place of balance, where the qualities of the Feminine Divine re-emerge into this world: compassion, creative expression, holistic health, intuition, respect for diversity, communion with Nature, spiritual connection, and collaboration.

The problems our world faces may seem overwhelming, yet the most profound way you can help is to follow your deepest callings. The Earth is calling us home, and those of us who hear Her voice are Her priestesses and conscious co-creators.

We are at the forefront of the peaceful revolution.

You are part of The Heart of the Goddess, and you can learn to fully embody the qualities of the Feminine Divine in your daily life. We are the role models, teachers, wise women and men, those who will midwife the expansion of human consciousness. The Heart of the Goddess is a guidebook, a treasure map which will guide you to self-healing of old wounds and uplifting yourself and all your communities by being you fully.

Will you heed your calling?

Join the consciousness revolution, standing tall beside your sisters and brothers, doing the joyful, sacred work of the Feminine Divine. We each are a powerhouse in and of ourselves, and we empower each other by sharing our work, expanding our understanding of the diversity of life, and uniting in purpose. Together we can allow all of us our own unique expression guided by the balance of the Feminine Divine and the Sacred Masculine.

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