Self-Care Saves the World

Self-Care Saves the World
by Starcat

I hope you’re getting into the idea of doing your own thing, pursuing your passions and making your daily life more joyful. It sounds like great fun, right? But that’s when the worries begin to pop up. Maybe you’re concerned about being selfish. How can you take the time to follow your bliss when your family needs you to cook and do dishes? What about the people living on the streets, the children being abused, and the planet being polluted? Shouldn’t you be putting your energies into serving others? How does your passion for – insert passion here – help anyone, anyway?

Rest assured, following your calling does help others. The point has been made often enough to become cliché, but no eye-rolling, I’m going to say it anyway. Just like on an airplane that’s losing cabin pressure, if you don’t put on your own oxygen mask first, you’ll pass out and will be no help to your fellow passengers. It’s the same with living your dreams.

You came here to this life with superpowers – your preferences, desires, and the creativity to make them happen. You brought them here with you for a reason.

When you deny this aspect of who you are, you’re diminishing your connection to the divine energies of your source. From that space, it becomes nearly impossible to bring forth the energies that will enrich the planet and your fellow beings. Being outraged about the state of the world doesn’t help anyone, it just brings more destructive energy to the situation. You can’t solve problems from the same mindset that causes them.

The converse is also true. When you open up to the energies that flow from the deepest source of your inner self, all kinds of amazing things are possible. It’s true; you may not know how your passion for embroidery or horseback-riding will serve humanity. But when you allow yourself to blossom into living your most cherished dreams, magical things will happen. From a place of love and connection, opportunities to make a difference – and have fun doing so – will unfold in front of you.

Ultimately, following your callings is the deepest form of self-care. Honor your divine creative nature. When that happens, the universe will support you in a multitude of ways.

Doing what you love is not selfish. There’s no need for guilt. By doing your thing and being your unique self, you’re helping save the world. Up, up and away!

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